Starting a Project

I get bored too easily.  I’m constantly thinking of new projects to start or new books to read.  I either get distracted by the next shiny object or frustrated with how slowly the new idea is taking off.  I got fed up with how long a piece in flat peyote was taking and switched to my old standby spiral rope— at least 4 inches done in less than an hour.

Tonight I am starting a new spiral rope with the box of random beads I have— the box where stray beads and unfinished projects live.  I’ve been thinking about this box lately, so maybe I’m supposed to root around in it and see what happens?

Pictures in next post.

Books instead of beads this summer

Of course, I meant to do lots of beadwork this summer, but I started checking novels out of the library.  One book led to another.  Library books have the advantage of being free with a two week return deadline, so I need to decide whether to read a book within a couple of weeks instead of let it collect dust on my to-be-read (TBR) shelves.  I kept checking out books.  Ironically, the books which made the biggest impression were library audiobook downloads– The Illuminae Files by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff–  very complex stories and characters with romance, a murderous AI, and even a zombie apocalypse.  I did do some tinkering with the TOHO Challenge beads while listening to the books but not as much as I should have.